23-yrs-old UNICAL graduate constructs a Radio Transmitter, Audio Mixer in his house – 87.9fm

A graduate of Natural Science and Technology in the prestigious University of Calaba has shared an impressive project on his facebook page which got most Nigerians talking.

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A man known as Emenuga Magnus has taken to his facebook wall to inform people how he has been able to construct a 3-way audio mixer integrated with an FM radio transmitter.


Mr. Emenuga discloses that the transmitter can broadcast at 87.9fm (magnum FM)

According to the information he shared, Mr. Emenuga said:


OFFICIALLY!, WE HAVE A 3 CHANNEL AUDIO MIXER integrated with an FM radio transmitter.

Am super excited to publish this project, which we made from design to construction segments.
I present to all and sundry, my Homemade FM radio station, where I broadcast at 87.9fm ( magnum FM ).
The System also features different voice input and also an aux input for music,which generally get mixed at preset.

It took exactly 3 weeks to complete the project,and am happy that after SYSTEMATIZATION, the System worked exactly as expected…

The FM radio signal,is clear when picked up by an FM radio reciever.
The range with the antenna I hooked it up was about 200m,and am going to be developing a special atennna that will boost the signal upto 1KM,
Stay tuned on that.

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The design information,I will publish at the academy page @ Magnum Academy.

For the video presentation of how I developed the System,you will find it at

For more update,stay tuned at the page @ Magnum Technical Concept,
Where we will be making a live broadcast soon.”

FB IMG 1587589463248FB IMG 1587589473894FB IMG 1587589471347FB IMG 1587589465582FB IMG 1587589487051emenuga

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Ime Solomon

Well-done sir keep soaring higher, the sky is your starting point.

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