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2 Steps On How To Add Your Blog / Website To Phoenix News Browser, Drive More Traffic & Sales

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I have laughed enough as I see most blogs and websites writing and telling people how to add their blog/website to Phoenix news browser without giving out a clue on the best possible ways to do that on their site.

I have seen a headline without solutions on search results (mostly in google and bing) and I know you might have gone through that huddle before landing on my blog. Don’t worry, your issue would be solved in a few minutes from now and your site would be added to the Phoenix browser.

The question now is, What Are The Simple Steps To Add Your Blog / Website To Phoenix News Browser, Drive More Traffic & Sales.

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Before I tell you how to add your site/blog to the Phoenix news browser, I would love to give you a little highlight on How the Phoenix browser works and what it really meant.

Phoenix Browser is a fast, safe web browser for your Android device, featuring a local news feed and FREE movie resources. Phoenix browser loads your webpages 2x faster, Saves 90% of your data, and enables smooth browsing on slow networks; Downloads all-formats videos and social media clips at lightning speed.

The Phoenix browser as of 2020 has over a 100million downloads with more than 600 thousand 5star ratings on the popular google play store.

Now let me take you straight to the point.

2 Best Ways To Include Your Blog To Phoenix News Browser.

STEP 1: A Step On How To Add Your Blog / Website To Phoenix News Browser, Drive More Traffic & Sales

Using Feedspot:

Feedspot is a content reader for reading all your favorite websites in one place. Add your favorite Blogs, News websites, RSS Feeds, Youtube Channels, and Social sites accounts to your Feedspot account and read new updates from one place

How can you get started with using Feedspot medium? This strategy is very simple. To confirm if I have this on my own blog, click on this link Here.

Click on the Menu button as shown on the image, Then Click on the Add New Site.

Then search for Bazecity. If you see it on the list, come back here and learn how to do it yourself, if you don’t see it, you can leave from there.

Screenshot 20201125 013150

For you to be here now, it shows you are convinced I have what it takes to assist you to take your blog articles to the Phoenix browser using Feedspot. Now let’s go. Follow these steps:

  •  Visit the registration portal (Don’t forget to return to this page to confirm the process
  •  Click on the Submit Your Blog Button
  •  Fill out your Name, Email, and Blog URL you wish to submit >>>> Hit the Submit button
  •  Done.

After you have submitted your site URL, return to this page wait for 5mins and see the magic.

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Note: Just recently in 2021, Feedspot has announced that it’s users would make payments for adding their blog to Feedspot’s curator unless you can as well use their 7days free trial.

feedspot subscriptions

There’s a good news! The 7days trial can keep you on feedstop if you provide quality content to the system as the system wishes to have that.

After waiting for a few minutes repeat the process you followed in checking if my own blog is listed on the Feedspot and check yours. Once you see yours, relax and wait to get impressive traffic from Phoenix Browser.

My Advice / Note: Avoid low-quality content and too much and obvious Copywrite (Copy & Paste). If I have done that, you might not have seen this article from where you saw it.

STEP2: Another Way On How To Add Your Blog / Website To Phoenix News Browser, Drive More Traffic & Sales

This step simply requires you to write to Phoenix Developers and Publishers team as they are always available to attend to quality blogs and get them published on the Phoenix news browser.

How to get started:

Visit the Phoenix Developers and Publishers contact web page.
> Enter your full name, email address, and subject. You have to be very smart in entering a subject so once the team sees your mail, they can easily attend to it knowing what exactly you want.
> After the subject, you would be required to enter what your request is. Try very well to be as precise as possible concerning any issues by ticking the appropriate box:

  • General Inquiries
  • Feedback
  • Content and Apps
  • Users and blog ✔️
  • Advertising

I this case, you have to select Users and Blog, then write your request on the message box and submit.

I hope this article was helpful?

In case you have further questions, use the comment section and I will attend to it immediately

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Phame Dash

Yeah bro I tried feedspot but I can’t access it unless I’ve upgraded. The free version is no longer available.


try to write the company


How long does Phoenix browser take to respond. I wrote to them 2 weeks ago but I have not received any feedback.

Gid- Nation

Thanks for the guidelines

But please once am done with all the steps how do I begin my writing and get it posted on phoenix or I just keep posting in my blog am phoenix post it themselves


How do you get paid by phoenix after adding your website to them?


Wow, this is helpful. Thank you


How do I get paid by Phoenix? please reply.


Thanks for this. I have used the second step to submit my site for approval.

Uwandu Blessing

I received a congratulatory message from them that my site meets their rules and that they will proceed immediately to add my site to their browser. But till now I don’t receive traffic from them I’m not sure it was added.
Please if you have connections kindly help me out to add my site 08171295645


I think your site has been added. You only need to look out for it. I hope when any of your post appear there, you might know or might not because most readers on that platform stay their.

Uwandu Blessing

I received a congratulatory message from them saying that my site meets their rules they will proceed immediately to add my site to their browser but till today I don’t receive traffic from them, I’m not sure my site was added.
Please if you have connections help me add my site 08171295645


The contact us message doesn’t make any attempt to even send


Phoenix picks articles from aggregators: Please what’ are the names of those aggregators and phoenix crawler? Thanks

Mbalou prince

Help me to create an account on phoenix to earn money

Ernest Yeboah

Thank you very much for this content. My question is very simple. After I finished registering, there is a pop-up menu on the screen telling me to : Try Feedspot premium for 7 days


Do I need to go to step 2 after successful in step 1?

Mjblog author

How long does it take for Phoenix to approve my blog

Joshua kelvin

This is what I get using first step can’t add my site can you help out

Joshua kelvin

First method requires payment?


Thanks u very much, the article is great.
My question is now that I have successfully registered my blog, does is mean any article I posted on my blog will also go to Phoenix automatically or I need to do something else after posting on my blog?


They ask me to pay money to upgrade, I didn’t understand, please sir, help me out


How can I do it for free

Emmanuel Chibuzor

Please we’re is the phoniex Developers and Publishers web page located


You just go ti registration portal,follow the procedure and that’s it? Just like that?

Random Individual

Nice article 😘
Very informative and helpful

Last edited 11 months ago by Kizito Ibeh

I hope you reply this because someone left the same question on the 4th Dec and you didn’t reply. If after doing all of this(adding my Blog URL) to the site, how do I then get paid by Phoenix? My reason For writing with Phoenix is to make money so how do they pay me?


Thanks for this info.. now I tried registering with the procedure you gave us but still didn’t see my name when I searched. after waiting for 5 mins

john usman

they are asking for upgrade is it necessary ?


God bless you for this information.
You have really helped me out. Thanks…


Can you still post articles on phoenix without a website?


Nice creative articles you publish

Ogbonna ogbonna

I love this post but having issues getting organic traffic to my website can you help with that also I will be very glad


If I get approved, does the traffic get to my website or remains in Phoenix


Most often, the traffic remains there

Mbalou prince

Please help me to register so that I can earn money




I can’t seem to cancel this upgrade prompt message

Facing this problem for so long


It’s really useful visiting your site, I have tried several ways of generating traffic to my site where I publish lifestyle and entertainment News but the result I get are not encouraging, please I need people to turn to my site and make it busy.



Savage Online

This guy sef 😆

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